TDL Energie GmbH - Service und Wartung direkt von uns


As part of our after sales service we offer maintenance visits and also the supply of wear and spare parts. Regular maintenance visits as well as telephone and remote control support ensure a smooth operation of the plant.


Our highly qualified employees are active on a number of sites in Germany and Europe. Our service engineers are stationed throughout Germany and are thus able to react quickly to and remedy errors in plant operations, as well as carry out cost-efficient maintenance and repairs.

Our service engineers are familiar with the local plants of our customers and are also available as contact persons.

TDL Energie carries out maintenance in the area of water treatment as well as landfill gas.

Water Treatment

In the area of water treatment TDL Energie provides maintenance service according to the manufactureres guidelines for the individual components.

If required we offer a complete reconstruction and overhaul of water treatment plants. An adjustment to changing water quantities and water contents by deconstruction or remodeling can be carried out by TDL Energie in a short period of time.

Our extensive range of service comprises among others:

  • Inspection and repair of pumps
  • Inspection and repair of controlling and visualization
  • Inspection and repair of measuring devices
  • Complete membrane replacement

Landfill Gas

In the area of landfill gas we offer maintenance and service for landfill gas CHPs as well as for booster stations and flare plants.

The maintenance for CHPs is carried out by TDL Energie for MAN and MWM/Caterpillar motors for biogas and landfill gas. This includes not only the maintenance of the motor and generator unit with the regularly scheduled maintenance and repair, such as replacement of cylinder heads, but also maintenance of surrounding equipment of the CHP like gas ramp, emergency cooling equipment and technical ventilation.

For booster and flare systems TDL Energie carries out oil change at the booster, cleaning and if necessary replacement of the deflagration flame arresters.

The operational optimization of the gas collection system, inspection and adjustment of the gas wells and the gas collection units can be undertaken in the course of maintenance visits at the individual local sites by our service engineers. Plant components such as shutoff valves and control valves, measuring lines and expansion joints will be checked and replaced if needed according to the customer’s wishes.

According to the permits of landfill operators FID inspections on site are required, i.e. the measuring of near-surface methane concentrations using a portable flame ionization detector.

We at TDL Energie GmbH are available with our qualified employees to perform these services for you.