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Landfill Gas Utilization

TDL Energie Combined Heat and Power Plants

TDL Energie operates CHPs for landfill gas and biogas on several landfills throughout Germany. Our plants can be easily and quickly set up at the respective site due to their containerized construction. Since the quantity and the quality of landfill gas are decreasing we have further optimized our landfill gas motors. This way we can still deploy our landfill gas motors to sites with methane levels of about 30 vol. % and operate them economically. Our plant pool consists of plants between 100kWel and 1,200kWel.

Part of the produced power and heat of the CHP unit can be used for operating facilities and service facilities. This generates a surplus due to savings in operational costs. In order to get the best possible outcome out of the energy potential, the technology used must be fitted to the individual conditions.

We offer the following services for our landfill gas CHPs:

  • Maintenance and service
  • Rental plants