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Crossflow microfiltration plants and ultrafiltration plants by TDL Energie GmbH

In order to separate undissolved water components from wastewater, such as macromolecular substances and small particles, TDL Energie GmbH focuses on innovative processes such as membrane-based microfiltration or ultrafiltration.

During the process of microfiltration, substances up to approx. 0.1 µm in size can be separated. During the process of ultrafiltration, substances with a particle size of approx. 0.005 µm can be removed. This ensures that not only bacteria but also viruses will be removed from the water.

The membrane systems operate according to the cross-flow principle in which wastewater is pumped over the membrane surface at high overflow velocity. Due to the turbulences that are generated, the development of an surface layer can be prevented. This means that the facilities can be operated at a constantly high output.

Both, microfiltration plants and ultrafiltration plants are used in a wide range of applications:

For the separation of activated sludge from a biological treatment stage, both, microfiltration plants and ultrafiltration plants are important components of our membrane bioreactors. Compared to conventional sedimentation tanks, complete retention of the biomass is thus ensured, which increases the bacteria concentration. At the same time, due to the retention, there is an optimal adaptation of slowly growing microorganisms to the wastewater, e.g. landfill leachate or industrial sewage.

The increased degradation efficiency of the microorganisms reduces residence times in the containers. Therefore, a small and efficient plant can be set up due to the compact dimensions of the containers.

Ultrafiltration plants are also used for the pre-treatment of e.g. industrial wastewater or for the treatment of digestates. The permeate resulting from the ultrafiltration process is almost free of solids and colloidal particles and is therefore suitable for further water treatment processes which involve nanofiltration or reverse osmosis technologies. Our microfiltration plants and ultrafiltration systems are available in containerised or skid-mounted designs. Due to TDL Energie's many years of experience, the plants can be customised in accordance to the type of water that is to be processed. In order to ensure optimised process flows, pilot tests can be carried out by using our mobile plants.

TDL Energie GmbH offers the following services

  • Concepts, construction, contracting, operation, service, spare parts supply
  • All plants are manufactured at our production facilities on site in Germany
  • Skid or container design
  • Implementation of pilot projects
  • User-friendly due to state-of-the-art control technology (remote monitoring and control)
  • Low operational costs